Fishing tournaments offer many benefits to many people – memorable moments with friends and family, competitive outlets, personal achievement. Despite our best efforts, we all know that fishing offers no guarantees – the fish will either bite or not bite.

That’s okay; at least we have fish to pursue. However, here’s a guarantee you can take to the bank: Without the diligent efforts of the conservation organizations and the dependable support of individuals committed to preserving and protecting our marine resources, an age without fishing will become a reality.

If we do nothing, we will someday have nothing. The imperative does not get any more straightforward. That’s not supposition, speculation or cynicism – that is fact. The relentless forces of water pollution, coastal development and commercial exploitation launch daily attacks on our fish, the habitat in which they live and our very right to enjoy the nation’s No. 1 participation sport.

Imagine these situations left unchecked. Together we can influence the future of our marine resources. You can plan on fishing and boating with friends and family as long as you’d like to do so. It just takes a commitment. While the Marathon Offshore Tournament supports the legal and ethical harvesting of fish during our tournaments; we’re steadfast in our commitment to the conservation of our marine resources. We will continue to show our commitment by supporting the efforts of organizations like CCA FloridaBill Fish Foundation and Jose Wejebe Foundation.